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Setting The Standard For Security

CSI Video is your local trusted professional installer of Residential Security Camera Systems. Whether you want a simple 4 channel security camera system or a complex 64 channel Hi-Def 1080p video security system for your home we are your trusted local experts.

We have for over 15 years experience and invite you to contact us for more information about our services, products and to receive a free home security consultation and review.

Hidden & Discreet

We also specialize in low profile video security cameras for those areas that you want to keep discreet.

Premium Products

We have some of the newest products in the industry and utilize only the highest quality equipment and products.

CSI Professionals

As your trusted and licensed professionals we do not cut corners and will have a full installation plan provided to you.

Protect what matters most

Your home is supposed to be the safest place and we help you make it even safer than it is now with state of the art video surveillance system that you can access remotely from anywhere at anytime.

  • Want to see what the kids are doing after school?
  • Do you need to see where you put your keys last?
  • Check on contractors, cleaners and anyone else that is inside our outside of your home?
  • Want to see how your car got scratched in your own drive way?
  • In the horrible event that a break in occurs at your home you can take action with your surveillance system.

Don’t Settle For Less

We do not carry, support or recommend video security cameras that are of low and inferior quality as they fall short in too many situations, enviroments, and instances.

By example, we had a new customer contact us because their restaurant was broken into and the contents of their safe was all stolen. Lucky for them they had a Video Security System in place (or so they thought). They had a 8 channel video camera system installed Professionaly about 2 years ago, however they had bought the product at their local electronics retailer. Not only was the equipment of very low quality it lacked some of the most important and basics of features such as:

  • Low Light Automatic Adjustment
  • Motion Activation
  • PTZ The ability to Pan, Tilt Zoom both manually or automatically
  • Resolution and Settings for different areas, lighting and distances
  • A DVR that sends automatic notifcations of programmed alerts

Not only was the equipment that was used not sufficient, the installer of the system never made them aware of these short comings, and therefor the people that robbed this restaurant literally walked in front of the cameras and were undetectable.

Around The Clock Monitoring

Keeping your home and family safe is your top priority. CSI Video Security can make it so you can keep an eye on the things that matter most even when you are away. With video monitoring and you can keep an eye on your home from virtually anywhere in the world. Just because you are not home doesn’t mean you can’t keep an eye on your home and family with monitoring service from one of the best home security companies in South Florida.

Valuable Asset Protection

In order to protect yourself in real-time, you need the right surveillance system. CSI Video Security offers top quality video and our experts will find the right solution to your unique security needs. Because when it comes to security, there are no second chances.