Residential Community & Security Guard House CCTV

Neighborhood Watch

Residential Communities can sometimes be overwhelmed with crime, vandalism, illegal activies, resident related incidents, and many other issues. As residents, property managers and HOA boards know having the necessary proof and footage is extremely important and vital to resolving such problems when they arrise. Unfortunately most systems that are in place for residential communities are done improperly and do not provide the necessary angles, recording quality and lack capabilities to accurately record security related incidents.

Community Control

Here at CSI Video and Security we have security camera systems and surveillance platforms to meet the needs of any size community. We have been a trusted source for all security video related systems in south florida for more than 15 years and our experience, knowledge, quality of products and level of service is unmatched. We provide your community and/or guard house with the necessary tools, training and products so that everything can be monitored and controlled from a single platform. Our custom security camera solutions and surveillance systems are designed to your specifications and are fully scalable and offer the freedom of upgrading so that your system never becomes obsolete.

Choose CSI Video & Security

  • Over 15 years of experience in the fields of secuirty systems, surveillance and custom camera installations & service.
  • State of Florida Certified & Licensed Video Security Experts
    Trusted by the Florida Turnpike System, Communities throughout south florida, and thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Highest quality systems, certified expert installers (no 3rd party contractors), proven track records & testimonials.
  • State of the art technology (IP Pased cameras, New 1080P HD Color Camera’s, 360″degree PTZ Video Surveillance).
  • Free Remote viewing software with every installation.
  • Custom created systems, solutions and platforms for all of your needs and requirements.
  • Automated process of Alerting, Recording Schemes, Reporting, and Copying to various formats.
  • Hidden and Discreet camera solutions for added protection.
  • Fully scalable and upgradeable security cameras, dvr’s and equipment.

Valuable Asset Protection

In order to protect yourself in real-time, you need the right surveillance system. CSI Video Security offers top quality video and our experts will find the right solution to your unique security needs. Because when it comes to security, there are no second chances.